Responsible for coordinating funding, sponsorship and interaction with resources both within the college and outside with the industries. The team captain is also responsible for the timeline management and scheduling of each day to keep the team on track with their goals.


Oversees and aids in the design, manufacturing, testing and tuning of the car. He collaborates with all team members to ensure the best possible end product. Ultimately in charge of the interaction between all the subsystems in the car.


The vice captain is responsible for all the management & technical tasks and aids in purchase and procurement, public interaction, sponsors’ relation, accounts, creative designs, website and other related tasks. He supports the captain in managing the whole project.


We have six sub-team leader positions including: Brakes, Chassis, Engine, Drivetrain, Vehicle Dynamics, and Electronics. These leaders are in charge of the complete subsystem and distribute workload throughout their sub-team. They complete all full-system analysis and are the point contacts for the chief engineer.


Associate Members are directed by sub-team leaders aiding in analysis and manufacturing. These positions are a chance for new engineers to get an introduction to the design process as well as gain valuable knowledge about a particular sub-system.