Summer Program

The summer internship program for the students of BIT Mesra provides the perfect learning platform for those interested in contributing to our project. The program is open for two months spanning the months of May and June and puts the candidates to a grueling test & heat treatment in the unforgiving BIT summer to give them an honest insight of the project's challenges. It involves allotment of technical tasks, field work for sponsorship and developing marketing strategies as well as the crucial duration which founds the manufacturing phase of our car. Every effort is made to ensure that there is proper interaction between team members and the interns for an unrestricted flow of knowledge. Based on their performances and dedication, few interns are selected to be a part of the team for the forthcoming racing season.


The team believes in developing a network of knowledge transfer between outgoing and incoming batches that keeps expanding continuously and the timely induction of fresh blood into the team is critical to ensure this. SRIJAN conducts two recruitments drives every racing season to give an open opportunity to the eager young minds who are passionate about Formula racing. Further, the team is always open for interaction with anyone having serious interest in our work and encourage those willing to contribute to it. In case any opening or vacancy comes up, due preference is given to such enthusiasts.

Annual Recruitment

After the end of every season, the team begins its preparation for the next season with a conceptual recruitment process for the induction of new members into the team. The new members are handpicked after a rigorous screening process that includes rounds of written test, group discussion, personal interview, and a small interaction phase with the team members where they are provided the time and opportunity to get used to the working procedures of the team and prove their credentials at the same time. Separate tests are conducted for the technical and management teams to identify the horses for the courses and have a mix of individuals with varied talents. What unites them is what separates our team from the rest.

Final Results of the Recruitment Test
(Batch 2k16-2k17)

Held on 2017