About Us

Team Srijan is the Formula Student Team of Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra.

We design, manufacture and fabricate Formula prototype cars and participate in national and international competitions.

We are bonded together by our passion to innovate and apply our knowledge into practical scenarios.



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Students of BIT Mesra under the name of "Team SRIJAN" have been participating in student level formula style car design competitions for the past 7-8 years. We are among the few teams from India that participate in both national and international events.

SRIJAN was born in 2007 and participated in Formula Student UK held at the home of British Grand Prix Circuit, Silverstone. The team finished 5th in class II events and 58th in class I events out of a total of 105 teams that had participated from various leading universities from around the globe. We achieved the rare distinctions of passing the scrutiny as well as entering the final 22 Km endurance race in its first year of participation at this event. The team performed brilliantly in the cost presentation event and secured 2nd position in it.

In the summer of 2010, the team was revived and participated in "Supra SAE India 2011", the Indian version of FSAE, which was held in Chennai. The event saw participation from 50 leading universities across India. SRIJAN was amongst the few teams with the distinction of clearing the rigorous scrutiny rounds in its maiden attempt.

After returning from the inaugral SUPRA event, the team carried on and participated in "Supra SAE 2012", held at Buddha International Circuit, Noida where it was among the 25 teams out of the 66 teams that managed to clear the technical scrutiny. Our car was lauded as the lightest car with spaceframe chassis with a design that had "serious International level pedigree" in it. The Chief Technical Inspector praised our efforts and stated that the car resembled a FSAE car with sound engineering involved.

The team marked its successful return to the international arena at FSAE Italy 2013, held at the Riccardo Palletti Circuit in Varano De Melegari, northern Italy. Srijan stood 21st in the cost event among the 55 participating teams and was voted the 2nd best team from India in terms of design. Srijan also takes pride in emerging as the best team from eastern India.

The year 2015 has been a phenomenal one for the team. The team participated in FORMULA DESIGN CHALLENGE held at the KARI MOTOR SPEEDWAY, Coimbatore from January 19th -25th 2015. The team had a spectacular start securing 3rd place in the rule book quiz segregating the top 44 teams that were to show up for the event from among the 88 teams that had registered. The team secured an overall of 7th rank in the event.

We entered the year 2016 in the most sensational way possible when we participated in Formula Student India 2016 held at Buddh International Cicuit, Noida from January 24-28 and our car achieved a never before achieved feat of entering the subsequent rounds of Technical Inspection. We passed the Scrutiny & Tilt test but missed the noise test by 1db and hence could not advance to the Dynamic events. Being the only team to clear these tests with a RE 500 cc engine quite evidently showed the hard work put into creating a splendid race car.

Formula Bharat 2017 ended up on a high note with team successfully participating in all the static events which was held at the Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore from January 25 to 29, 2017. A total of 70 teams participated in India's largest design competition. We attained the 7th rank in the Business Plan Presentation, 10th in the Cost Presentation and 7th in the Design Presentation respectively. We cleared the subsequent rounds of technical scrutiny, Tilt test and noise test. Unfortunately we couldn't participate in the Brakes test due to time constraints. Overall, we secured the 6th rank in the Static Event and 12th rank in the competition. We had a very successful season with a great learning experience